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Biltmore engagement session

If you're considering a location for your engagement session in Asheville, the Biltmore is an excellent option! Asheville, North Carolina, offers many beautiful spots, from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Botanical Gardens. However, booking a shoot at the Biltmore provides a unique advantage—you have a variety of stunning locations all in one place. This blog will showcase just a few options for you to consider for your Biltmore engagement session.

For this session, we began at the conservatory. It not only provides a beautiful backdrop for photos but also ensures you have options in case of bad weather, allowing you to have a session even if it rains. Adjacent to the conservatory are gardens filled with flowers, perfect for additional photo opportunities.

The guys has picked up the girl and they are kissing in the conservatory. The girl has one leg kicked up they are surrounded by plants and blue hydrangeas.

The time of year you choose for your session will influence the locations available. During spring, the azaleas are in full bloom, creating a beautiful setting. Spring and fall are ideal for exploring the grounds and taking photos outdoors. However, even if you don't book during these seasons, there are still picturesque locations available in summer and winter. The front lawn and the conservatory are spots that can be enjoyed year-round.

Couple kissing in the azalea garden. Pink and purple azalea flowers are blooming.

One important note about the Biltmore: if you plan to explore areas like the azalea garden or other spots away from the main house, be prepared for potentially long walks. Comfortable footwear is recommended. The expansive azalea garden features numerous trails perfect for exploration and photos. We even captured images on a bridge along one of these trails.

Couple are on a trail in the azalea garden. The couple is on the bridge she is leaning against the bridge. The guy is kissing her and there are trees are around them and flowers.

If you're looking for mountain views, the Biltmore has those too. Beyond the house, past the terrace, is a field where you can take photos with the mountains in the background. This area tends to be less crowded and offers stunning views, especially during golden hour.

Couple is walking towards me but looking at each other. They are in a field on Biltmore ground at golden hour.

Of course, there are many other photo-worthy locations beyond what I've mentioned a short drive away, such as Deer Pond or, during summer, the Sunflower Field.

Before your session, consider the weather to help influence your outfits. Remember that the Biltmore can be busy depending on the time of day, so it is also good to be prepared for crowds. Sessions at the Biltmore typically last at least two hours due to the extensive grounds and various locations.

I highly recommend the Biltmore for photo sessions due to the diverse range of locations available. You can even make a day of it by purchasing a day pass to explore the house or visit the winery before your session. Here's a link to explore more activities you can enjoy before your session. So, if you're ready to book your session, click here to go to my contact page. If you'd like to know more about my prices, please check out my pricing information. Note that the session price does not include the additional cost of my ticket, which is an add-on for Biltmore sessions.

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