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Welcome to my about page



Hello, I'm Victoria, a wedding and portrait photographer based in South Carolina. Photography is my passion because it allows me to capture personal moments, such as couples embracing, smiling, and kissing, or brides smiling as they get dressed. I love capturing a couple's first look and preserving their genuine reactions. Being a photographer is about capturing beautiful moments of love and emotions.

I believe an essential part of my job as a photographer is building a connection with you. As I get to know you, I can help create an enjoyable experience while capturing your special moments. So whether it's a wedding, portrait, or couples shoot, you will have a pleasant photoshoot.

Here are some things that will help you get to know me: I love to cook and bake, especially trying new recipes from Pinterest. I'm a big coffee drinker, and you can often find me at a local coffee shop. I'll take any opportunity to travel and explore new places. I feel at home in the outdoors. You'll likely see me sporting something in my favorite color, yellow. At home, a perfect night for me is enjoying something sweet while reading a book.

Victoria is a phenomenal photographer! She not only took and edited amazing photos, but she turned it into a wonderful experience! Victoria was very accommodating with all of our wants and needs concerning our photoshoot! She has flourished so much as a photographer since she started this profession and is continuing to put in hard work and effort to become even better! We will definitely be hiring her again for our photography needs!


I have never met a kinder, or more prepared photographer than Victoria. She has always gone out of her way to make me feel comfortable and confident during every shoot I've had with her. She shows up to the shoots with a plethora of inspiration that include anything from posing to confetti. She works in such a timely manner to get your photos back. Victoria has also made an effort to continue to learn & grow, so each shoot is better than the last. I will always love working with her.

In this image the client has a shirt on that says Convers college.
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